The 5 Cheapest Countries to Fly to in the World

Are you looking to explore a new country, but don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount on a plane ticket? There are many countries around the world that offer cheaper flights in order to get more tourists into their country to spend money. You have to be on the look out for these deals and you may have to book a trip during the countries off-season in order to snag a great deal. If you are ready to explore a new country without breaking the bank, then see below for a list of the cheapest countries to fly to.

Which Country is the cheapest to fly to from the United States?

The cheapest country to fly to from the US right now is Mexico. It may vary depending on your departure and destination cities, but overall Mexico has some of the top flight deals from the US right now. If you want to read more about Mexico and other top cheap countries to fly to read more below.

The Top 5 Cheap Countries to Fly to from the US in 2022

1. Mexico

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When planning a vacation, Mexico always seems to pop up as one of the cheapest countries to fly to from the United States. But why is that exactly? First off, flights from the US to Mexico are typically shorter and therefore less expensive. That means more funds for margaritas on the beach! It may vary depending on your departing city, but the average roundtrip flight to Cancun, Mexico’s most popular destination, is around $232.


In addition, there’s also a high competition among airlines for routes between the US and Mexico, so with many options, prices tend to stay low. Also, let’s not forget about the exchange rate – a strong US dollar can easily stretch your budget further in Mexican pesos. Plus, if you are looking for a great tropical vacation for a fraction of the price of other locations Mexico has many cities that are home to some amazing resorts. The most popular destinations with the best resorts include CancunPlaya del CarmenPuerto Vallarta, and Riviera Maya. For more ideas, check out this article on the 6 Best Cheap Places to Travel in Mexico

2. Canada

Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly destination, look no further than our northern neighbor, Canada. Due to its proximity to the US, flights to Canada tend to be much cheaper compared to other international destinations. Similar to Mexico, the strong US dollar means your dollars will go even further in Canada. 


Plus, Canada has a lot to offer throughout the city including the cities of Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Vancouver, to the stunning natural attractions of Banff and Niagara Falls. There are multiple options for destinations in Canada. If you are looking for cheap countries to fly to from the US, pack your bags and head north for an affordable vacation that won’t break the bank, and don’t forget your passport!

3. Dominican Republic

Image by DEZALB from Pixabay

Are you looking for a tropical vacation on a budget? Look no further than the Dominican Republic! The DR is home to stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant cities for a fraction of the cost of other Caribbean destinations. Its growing tourism industry means there are plenty of affordable flight options, as well as accommodations ranging from all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana to rustic beach cabanas. 


With the Dominican Republic’s diverse landscape it means there’s something for everyone – sunbathers can lounge on endless stretches of soft sand beaches, while adventure seekers can hike through mountains or explore the many caves. If you are looking for one of the cheapest and most fun destinations to fly to in the Caribbean, then look no further than the Dominican Republic.

4. Jamaica

Image by ASSY from Pixabay

Jamaica may be known for its turquoise water and white sand beaches, but did you know it’s also one of the cheapest countries to fly to from the United States? One reason for this is because there are a multitude of airlines offering direct flights from multiple U.S. cities, creating competition for lower prices. The average price for a round trip flight to Jamaica from the US is $273, but you will only be able to take advantage of these lower prices during the off-season.


Additionally, Jamaica is a popular tourist destination for Americans, leading to airlines offering deals in order to attract tourists. Jamaica is also home to many amazing all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay, which offer a great deal for those looking to pay a fixed price for their hotel and all amenities. For more on cheap all-inclusive resorts check out this blog on the Best Cheap All-Inclusive Resorts in the CaribbeanWhat’s not to love about that? So next time you’re searching for a budget-friendly vacation spot, consider jetting off to sunny Jamaica. 

5. Costa Rica

Image by Frank Ravizza from Pixabay

Have you ever wanted to go on a tropical vacation but weren’t sure you could afford it? Look no further than Costa Rica, one of the cheapest countries to fly to from the United States. With its stunning beaches, diverse wildlife, and laid-back surfer vibe, Costa Rica has become a popular destination for budget travelers. Airlines like JetBlue and Southwest often offer cheap flights from major US cities, making it easy and affordable to travel there. The average price for a round trip ticket to Costa Rica is $292. 


Once you arrive in Costa Rica, the low cost of living means you don’t have to blow your budget on accommodation or meals. Similar to the other destinations in the Caribbean mentioned, Costa Rica is also home to some amazing All-Inclusive Resorts. Plus, Costa Rica is one of the cheapest Caribbean Islands to travel to. There are many things to do while visiting the beautiful and vibrant country. If you want more info on things to do in Costa Rica with a family check out my blog on the Top 8 Family-Friendly Attractions in Costa Rica.


If you’re looking for a cheap flight, your best bets are to head to one of these wonderful destinations. If you do decide to buy a plane ticket to one of these cities, there is no doubt in my mind that you will have the time of your life. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach location, or want to explore one of the historic cities in Canada, you can’t go wrong with one of the countries listed above. Keep in mind that the prices for these flights may change depending on the time of year, so it’s always best to do your research and book early! Looking for other cheap countries to travel to? Check out The Top 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World in 2023.

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