The Ultimate Guide: How to Travel for Cheap in the US

Is there anything more exhilarating than planning a trip? Picking your destination, booking your tickets, and packing your bags—it all feels so adventure-filled. But if you’re on a tight budget, the thought of travel can be pretty daunting. How are you supposed to enjoy yourself when every penny counts? 


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our tips for traveling cheap in the US and start planning your next trip today and check out these tips on how to travel for cheap in the USA.

How to travel for cheap in the US?

There are a few different ways you can travel within your budget and figure out how to travel cheap in the USA. The first thing you need to do is establish your budget and then research and plan with that in mind. Next, whether you have a destination in mind or no idea where to go, you need to check out different flight bookings sites to find the best deals on different locations.


Lastly, you need to research destinations with great budget hotel options and be on the lookout for any deals that pop up in the offseason for popular destinations. Next thing, try to find off times to go to your top destinations. For inspiration, check out The 6 Cheapest Places to Travel in January 2023.

How to find cheap flights

Although airfare prices have been on the rise in recent years, there are still plenty of ways to find cheap flights within the US. One of the best ways to save money is to be flexible with your travel dates and destination. For example, flying mid-week is usually cheaper than flying on the weekend, and traveling to smaller airports can also help to keep costs down. 


One way to find a cheap place to fly in the US is by using Kayak’s explore anywhere tool. All you have to do is go to Kayak and put in your desired departure airport, then put in anywhere as your destination. Now you can see what destinations offer the cheapest flights, and choose a destination that is cheap to fly to.


Another great way to find deals is to sign up for airline newsletters and follow them on social media, such as Scott’s Cheap Flights or Dollar Flight Club. These often offer exclusive deals and discounts to their followers. By following a few simple tips, it’s possible to find plenty of cheap flights within the US. Also, consider taking a budget airline such as Spirit or Frontier. For a full list of the cheapest airlines, check out the 8 cheapest airlines for 2023.

Other cheap travel options

Flight prices can get out of control at times, such as around the holidays, so if you are flexible with your desired destinations then consider going somewhere that you can drive or take a bus or train. Don’t have a car that you can drive to your destination? Consider renting a car. You can often find deals on rental cars, and if you’re flexible with your dates, you can usually find even better rates.

How to find cheap bus/train tickets

If you’re looking for cheap bus and train tickets in the US, here are a few tips to help you save money. First, check out websites like Wanderu and Busbud, which allow you to compare fares from different carriers.


You can also try Megabus and Boltbus, which offer discounts for advance purchases and group travel. Amtrak also offers discounts for seniors, students, children, and active military personnel. If you’re flexible with your travel dates, sign up for alerts from sites like Seatguru so you can snag a cheap ticket when prices drop. 


Also, If you’re traveling long distance, consider splitting your journey into multiple legs. This can sometimes be cheaper than buying a single ticket. Before booking your ticket, make sure to look for discount codes or coupons online before booking your ticket.


On last thing you can do to save money on train and bus tickets is to join a loyalty program like Amtrak Guest Rewards or Greyhound Discounts. This can often help you save money on future trips, especially if you are a frequent bus/train traveler.

How to find cheap hotels

Traveling on a budget in the US can be tricky, but it’s definitely possible to find cheap hotels if you know where to look. For starters, try to avoid staying in major cities, which tend to have higher hotel prices. Instead, consider staying in smaller towns or suburbs, which typically offer more affordable rates. 


Also, if you want to be close to the city, but don’t want to pay the high prices, consider staying at a hotel near the airport. These hotels are often discounted for travelers that need a place to stay before a long flight. 


Additionally, it’s often possible to find discounts by booking your hotel room in advance or during off-peak travel periods. Another way to save money is to look for hotels that offer free breakfast or other amenities like free Wi-Fi. 

When to book to get the best rates

Source: Expedia

Expedia has recently released a few awesome tips on when to book flights to lock down the best deals. First off, for domestic travel in the United States, the cheapest days to fly are typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. For international travel, it can be cheaper to fly mid-week since many business travelers fly out on Sundays and return on Thursdays or Fridays. 


However, there can be exceptions to these general rules, so it’s always best to compare prices. Another way to save money on travel is to be flexible with your dates. If you’re willing to fly on a Tuesday instead of a Saturday, or stay an extra day or two at your destination, you can often find great deals. The bottom line is that with a little planning and flexibility, you can find ways to save money on travel and see the world on a budget.


In terms of how far in advance you should book your trip, it is best to either book a few months in advance or wait until last minute to get the best deals. One general rule of thumb is to book your travel at least three months in advance. This will give you the most time to compare prices and find the best deals. However, if you are flexible with your travel dates, you may be able to find last-minute deals that can save you money.


There you have it! These tips and tricks to help you answer how to travel for cheap in the USA. The moral of the story is that you must be flexible if you are looking for the best deals on flights and hotels. Now that you have all these tips and hacks in your arsenal, all that’s left to do is to pick a destination and start packing. Looking to get out of the country to travel? Check out The Top 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations In the World in 2023.

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