The 6 Cheapest Places to Travel in April 2024

Are you already dreaming of your next vacation destination? If you’re looking for somewhere affordable to travel, April 2023 is the perfect time! With so many amazing destinations hidden around the world, there’s something for everyone in terms of budget-friendly getaways. If money is a factor when it comes to planning your spring trip next year, here are 6 of the cheapest places to travel in April 2024! 


From tropical beaches, to historic cities – all without breaking the bank. Get ready for some incredible  cheap vacation ideas for April! Still wondering where to travel in April? Check these out:

1. Washington D.C.

Washington Monument

Washington DC is one of the top cheap places to travel in April 2024. Not only is it a cheap destination, but the beauty of Washington DC during that time of year is unmatched. With the fresh cherry blossoms blooming from the trees and a splash of other pastel colors around the city, it is hard to find anywhere else so beautiful this time of year.


In addition, you can enjoy great deals on hotels, as well museums and monuments with open air galleries available for free admission. With plenty of parks, markets and food selections to choose from, Washington DC has something special to offer every visitor this spring.

2. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

April 2024 is the perfect time to plan a cheap getaway and Puerto Vallarta is one of your best bets for a budget friendly vacation! Puerto Vallarta is home to stunning white-sand beaches, amazing nightlife, and delicious local dishes, this popular destination offers something for everyone. You’ll find tons of value resorts that offer great amenities for a fraction of the price you’d pay in other international destinations in April. 


Additionally, Puerto Vallarta is home to lots of fun activities and attractions. From zip lining to swimming with dolphins, there’s no shortage of exciting experiences available. There’s a reason why Puerto Vallarta is such a popular cheap spring break destinations. With its quaint outdoor markets and vibrant culture, Puerto Vallarta is an unforgettable cheap vacation destination if you’re looking to soak up some sun any time of year.


3. Hilton head, South Carolina

As April is rapidly approaching, now is the time to plan cheap trips for spring 2024. Hilton Head Island may be an attractive choice for those looking for a cheap getaway with plenty of activities to do. One of the best things about a vacation on Hilton Head is that, compared to many other places around the world. The cost of food and entertainment is also relatively cheap. Plus, you can find great April flight deals from many U.S. cities and cheap accommodations options on the island.


Also, with so many outdoor activities like golfing, kayaking and hiking on offer, there are plenty of ways to stay entertained all day long without having to splurge. Finally and most crucially, there’s something for every budget here, making it one of the cheapest vacations in April 2023.

4. Seville, Spain

Seville City Square

April is a great time to travel to Seville, Spain – not only is the weather beautiful and sunny, but it’s also one of the most affordable places to travel in Europe! You can find some April flight deals, low-cost hostels and hotels, and cheap food available make this city an ideal place for budget travelers. There are lots of cultural activities to enjoy too. You can take a Flamenco class or soak up some sun at one of the area’s many parks.


In addition, there are countless bars and restaurants offering delicious Spanish cuisine at wallet-friendly prices. It really is no wonder that Seville has become a top destination for cheap travelers looking for an unforgettable experience!

5. Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado is a great cheap place to travel in April 2024! Not only will you find many offers on April flight deals and accommodations, but Denver also offers tons of fun and cheap activities throughout the month of April. Adventurers can take advantage of the stunning mountain landscape to hike, bike, or even ski.


For those who prefer city life, visitors can explore multiple art districts, galleries and boutiques without breaking the bank. Denver’s mild spring weather is perfect for outdoor activities like going to parks and exploring the great outdoors. All in all, Denver is one of the most affordable vacation spots in April 2023!

6. Montego Bay, Jamaica


Montego Bay is the perfect cheap place to travel in April 2024. Despite its inner-island glamour, Jamaica has remained a bargain destination and with Montego Bay’s convenient location and cheap accommodation options. With flights to Jamaica being relatively cheap, you’re guaranteed to find the ultimate vacation package that won’t break the bank.


Cheap all-inclusive resorts, restaurants, and bars, plus other beach activities like parasailing are all easy to come by in Montego Bay. Even if budget isn’t an issue, this Caribbean island destination is definitely one of the top picks. This beautiful city is home to pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, historical sites, rich culture, and friendly locals. You’ll be sure to have an enjoyable warm beach getaway on your trip to Jamaica.

While You're Still Here...

April 2024 is a great places to explore a new city or take a relaxing beach vacation. If you are looking to travel more this year, then you need to check out the above best cheap places to go in April 2023 and be on the lookout for April flight deals. Whether you are looking to save some money by exploring a new city in the United States, or looking to book an affordable beach resort in a tropical destination, this list has it all.

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