The 8 Cheapest Airlines of 2024

When scouring the web for the best deals on flights the airline plays a huge factor in whether the flight is going to be priced reasonably or way too expensive. In other cases, some airlines that appear to have cheap prices for their flight tickets may not be as cheap as you think because they charge you extra fees for bags or to pick a seat. 

If trying to choose an airline that is the most reasonable priced makes you anxious, then keep reading because I’ll be outlining the cheapest airlines for travel in 2023. Whether you’re looking to book a flight for vacation or business, keep reading to find out which airlines will give you the best bang for your buck. Happy travels!

Which Airline is the Cheapest to fly with?

If I had to choose one airline that is above all others when it comes to cheap flights and low fees, I would have to go with Southwest. Southwest has great prices on their tickets and have hubs in many of the major cities around the US. Also, Southwest allows you to check one bag for free as long as it is under the allotted weight limit.

The Top 10 Cheapest Airlines

1. Southwest Airlines

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If you’re looking to save some cash on your next flight, Southwest is the airline for you! How does Southwest Airlines continue to be the cheapest airlines to fly? Firstly, Southwest has a simplified fleet consisting primarily of Boeing 737s, allowing them to save on maintenance costs. They also avoid extra fees by not offering assigned seating or charging for checked baggage. The only downside to the low fares and fees is that you won’t have an assigned seat on the plane, so you will have to check in exactly 24 hours before your flight times in hopes of getting in one of the first groups to board the plane.

The other great thing about Southwest is that they offer famous sales and promotions that can’t be beat! From flash sales to companion fares, there are plenty of opportunities to snag a bargain when flying Southwest. The bottom line? When it comes to snagging some affordable flights in 2024, Southwest is your top option.

2. Spirit Airlines

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Are you looking for a budget-friendly way to jet-set your way around the US? Look no further than Spirit Airlines! As one of the cheapest airlines in 2023, they have plenty of deals and discounts to offer travelers all over the country. The reason for their extremely cheap flight prices that beat out their competition is due to their unique “Bare Fare” policy. 


The downside to Spirit Airlines is that they do hammer you with fees once you buy your ticket and make it to the airport. You get hit with hefty fees for bags over 30lbs and you are forced to buy your seat on the flight for a fee as well. Also, when you step foot onto the plane and go to your seat you will notice that the inside of the plane is extremely bare and the seats are not at all comfortable. Book with Spirit Airlines if you want the cheapest price for your flights, but beware of the possible fees and bare amenities.

3. Frontier Airlines

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Similar to Spirit, Frontier does not have all the bells and whistles that some other airlines offer, but they sure know how to keep costs low. For starters, their fleet consists mainly of Airbus A320 aircraft, which are known for being fuel efficient. Frontier also charges fees for things like selecting a seat or bringing a carry-on bag, which can add up if you weren’t expecting them. These extremely low flight fares are the reason Frontier is one of the cheapest airlines to fly in 2024. 


Frontier also offers deals and discounts throughout the year so you can save even more on your next trip. Sure, you may have to sacrifice some frills on your flight, but with Frontier’s low prices make it a popular cheap airline to fly throughout the US. 

4. Allegiant Airlines

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Are you looking for a cheap flight for your next vacation? Allegiant is always a great option if you can find them for your destination! This airline consistently ranks as one of the cheapest options in the industry, saving its customers money on both tickets and additional fees. 


The downside to Allegiant is that they only fly to smaller, less crowded airports where landing fees are lower. This is so they can focus on filling every seat to maximize profits, and offer packages for rental cars and hotels to make planning a trip stress-free and budget-friendly. Next time you’re booking a flight, consider Allegiant if you can find flights on this airline for your destination.

5. Delta Airlines

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If you’re looking for an affordable flight in 2024, Delta is definitely worth considering. The airline routinely ranks among the cheapest options for domestic flights, thanks in part to their partnerships with regional carriers and low fuel surcharges. They also offer competitive pricing on international flights, especially when booked well in advance and with flexible dates, so be sure to plan ahead when booking your flights for the best price. 


In addition, Delta offers a range of deals and discounts, including specials for military members and AAA members. With all these factors in mind, it’s easy to see why Delta is one of the cheapest airlines to fly next year. Overall, Delta is a great airline with great fares, but the reason they are number 5 are on the list is mainly due to their fares not being as low as the others on the list.

6. United Airlines

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If you’re looking for a cheap flight in 2024, United Airlines should definitely be on your radar. Not only do they often have great deals and sales, but they also have a wide network of destinations all around the world. Plus, they offer additional perks like advance seat selection and free baggage allowance for some tickets, but their fare is usually priced slightly higher than their competitors listed above. 


United also has a great frequent flyer program, United MileagePlus, that allows you can earn miles on every flight and redeem them for even more savings. Bottom line, when it comes to finding cheap flights in 2024, United Airlines should be considered.

7. American Airlines

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Are you looking for a cheap flight for your next vacation? American Airlines has to be on your radar. In 202, 4AA is expected to be one of the cheapest airlines to fly with thanks to their competitive pricing and budget-friendly deals. American Airlines may not be as cheap as the other airlines listed above, but they definitely have higher quality than those above. 


American Airlines offers comfortable flights with great in-flight entertainment options and tasty meals. Plus, they have a wide network of destinations all over the world so you’re sure to find a deal for your dream destination, including their sister airline British Airways that flies from the US to the UK for a reasonable price. Why wait until 2024? Book your next flight with American Airlines and see for yourself why they’re one of the best options around.

8. JetBlue Airways

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If you’re looking for cheap flights in 2024, JetBlue should be in consideration. They may not have the lowest ticket prices out there, but they do offer great deals on baggage fees and other added expenses. Plus, their Mint class offers luxury amenities at a fraction of the cost of other airlines’ business class options.


JetBlue also has one of the best loyalty program that adds even more value, with points that can be redeemed for discounts on future flights or upgrades to premium seats. Next time you’re booking a flight, don’t forget to check out what JetBlue has to offer!


If you are like me you are always researching flight deals to your top bucketlist destinations. When you are looking to book a flight for your trip the price per flight ticket can be a make or break for your trip. Next time you are looking for cheap flights online, keep an eye out for the above airlines that are named the top cheap airlines of 2024. If you are debating your next destinations then be sure to check out this blog on The Best Cheap Tropical Vacation Destinations.

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