The 8 Best Cheap Places to Travel in Australia

Are you ready to travel Down Under? Australia is an incredibly diverse and beautiful country, offering plenty of budget-friendly options for adventurers looking to explore its beaches, forests, mountains, and cities. Whether it’s your first time or you come back year after year, there’s no shortage of great places to visit in Australia on a tight budget. In this post, we’ll cover the 8 best cheap places to travel in Australia so that you can make the most out of your vacation without breaking the bank! From Perth’s stunning coastline views to Adelaide’s wineries, get ready for a journey through some of the most incredible (and inexpensive!) destinations across this island nation.

1. Tasmania

Craddle Mountain, Tasmania

If you’re looking for cheap places to travel in Australia, Tasmania is your best bet. This fantastic island off of the south of Australia offers breathtaking scenery, incredible adventures and a wealth of attractions that won’t break the bank. Everything from bushwalking and history walks to kayaking and cave exploring can be enjoyed here, as well as numerous art galleries, museums and wineries.


The best part is there are plenty of cheap accommodation options available, from Airbnb apartments to camp grounds with communal spaces. Plus, if you’re just looking for a cheap meal, Tasmania has a thriving food scene where you can find various delicious dishes for an affordable price. From cheap activities to cheap stays, it’s plain to see why Tasmania is the perfect place for budget-conscious travelers in Australia.

2. Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide is a hidden gem when it comes cheap places to travel in Australia. The charming city renowned for its wide streets, beautiful parklands and vibrant arts scene offers tourists cheap entry prices in comparison to other popular places around the country. Not only that, but most of Adelaide’s attractions are free, meaning you can enjoy the best sites and sounds without breaking the bank. 


Plus, with a range of cheap and delicious culinary experiences available and plenty of great public transport options, exploring the city on a budget is easier than ever. With cheap flights, cheap accommodation options, and reasonable prices on food and activities it is an ideal destination for budget-friendly travel. Whether you’re looking for a cheap coastal getaway or an affordable city stay, Adelaide is definitely worth considering as your next Australian vacation destination! 

3. Perth

Perth, Western Australia

Perth is becoming quickly known as one of the best cheap places to travel in Australia. With its laid back vibes and abundant natural beauty, it’s a destination that won’t break your budget. The food options are out of this world; there are cheap eats for everyone from old-school pubs to fine dining establishments.


Not to mention, hotels and Airbnb’s are affordable, plus there’s plenty to do without spending too much! Spend a day exploring Kings Park or take a drive out to the Pinnacles – two of Perth’s many spectacular sights. If you’re looking for a cheap place to getaway in Australia, be sure to put Perth at the top of your list!

4. Brisbane

Brisbane, Queensland

If you’re looking for cheap places to travel in Australia, look no further than Brisbane. The regional capital of Queensland has a number of attractions that make it ideal for budget travelers. With the city boasting both an incredible natural landscape, as well as a vibrant cultural side, there is something for everyone in Brisbane.


Whether you choose to explore the wilds of Mount Coot-tha and its many trails, or venture into the heart of South Bank and explore its vibrant markets, there’s plenty to do without breaking the bank. On top of that, there are amazing cheap accommodation options available – making Brisbane one of the country’s most attractive places when traveling on a budget!

5. Cairns

Cairns, Queensland

If you’re looking for cheap places to travel in Australia, then Cairns is your ideal destination. This tropical city provides fantastic cheap accommodation options, with plenty of hotels, hostels and motels to choose from. It also offers a great array of attractions at bargain prices compared to other more expensive destinations in Australia. From exploring national parks and taking on adrenaline-pumping adventure activities, such as snorkeling trips and white water rafting, there are endless things to do here.


There are also incredible cheap dining opportunities in Cairns. One of the best being the world-famous Night Markets where you can try cuisines from all around the globe. With its perfect blend of cheap activities and winding streets lined with local eateries and vintage shops, Cairns is without question one of the best cheap places to travel in Australia.

6. Canberra

Parliament House, Canberra

With its stunning mountain views and bustling culture, Canberra is one of the best cheap places to travel in Australia. Each season brings a unique experience, whether it’s walking trails bursting with autumn foliage or the vibrant canola fields that line rolling hillsides during spring – all without breaking the bank. Don’t worry because cheap accommodations can be found within close proximity to the attractions, and cheap eats at the local cafés won’t break the bank.


Explore nearby vineyards, soak up the art scene at some world-class galleries, and make sure to spend an afternoon exploring the famous markets for cheap-and-cheerful souvenirs. There’s something for everyone in Canberra, so travel to Canberra for a great destination!

7. Gold Coast

Gold Coast City

The Gold Coast in Australia is one of the most underrated cheap places to travel. It’s filled with stunning beachfronts and never ending sunshine making it a great destination for beach lovers. Not to mention, it’s cheap prices for food, entertainment, and activities. Plus, you can find cheap accommodation options easily due to the high number of comfortable options available throughout the coast.


You can have a cheap vacation exploring the wide array of national parks or booking a boat tour along the coast. There are also plenty of free things to do such as swimming in freshwater creeks and walking the charming coastal trails. If you’re looking for an affordable vacation in Australia that you won’t soon forget, look no further than the Gold Coast in Australia!

8. Geelong

The Pier Geelong

Geelong is one of the best cheap places to travel in Australia, thanks to its incredible natural beauty and easy access to Melbourne. Located just an hour away from Melbourne, you’ll find cheap flights from all major Australian cities. Geelong is a picturesque waterfront city home to an array of attractions. This includes cultural museums and art galleries, outdoor activities like surfing, sailing and swimming, a vibrant dining scene, and plenty more for all travelers.



Whether your preference is city sightseeing or sand-and-surf fun, there’s something cheap and enjoyable to do here. Also, when it comes to accommodation, you can find cheap, comfortable hotels without compromising on quality service. Make sure you don’t miss out! Plan your trip today for a wonderful vacation experience in Australia.

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Australia is known for its beauty and grandeur, yet traveling around the country doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or just some time in nature, cheap places to visit in Australia abound. If you’re planning a fun getaway to Australia, you can’t go wrong with any of these 8 best cheap places to travel in Australia.


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