The 6 Cheapest Places to Travel in February 2024

The months of December and February can be hectic when it comes to travel and the holidays, which is why you deserve a vacation to yourself this upcoming February. The shortest month of the year boasts some of the top cheap travel destinations for 2024. From a fun winter getaway right here in the United States, to a warm tropical paradise there are a lot of choices on places to choose for your upcoming cheap February vacation. 


Looking to getaway even earlier in the year? Then, check out the 6 cheapest places to travel in January 2024. Without further ado, here are the 6 cheapest places to travel in February 2024:

1. Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach is at the top of the list for the cheapest place to go in February 2024. With a wide array of accommodations, ranging from budget-friendly stays to high-end luxury 3 star hotels, it’s the perfect location for any type of traveler. Plus the cost of food is excellent; you can expect to enjoy delicious meals for a fraction of what you’d pay in other cities! 


With year-round warm climate, plenty of places to explore and many attractions such as amusement parks and beachside activities Daytona Beach is definitely a destination well-worth considering. Also, the incredibly cheap fares for flights to Daytona make it even more of an attractive destination for budget travelers.

2. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

For all my budget-minded travelers out there, Playa Del Carmen is one of the cheapest places to travel in February 2024 and there are many reasons why. You’ll be able to enjoy amazing beaches and filled with distinct activities, great restaurants, resorts, shopping, nightlife options, and more all at an incredibly low price. You can also find great all-inclusive resorts and beach resorts that can be found for less than $200 a night.


Plus, past years have seen excellent deals on flights and accommodations for those willing to plan their visit during the off season month, which makes it one of the top trips in February 2023. If you’re feeling adventurous for a quick and affordable getaway in Mexico this coming winter season in 2023, then a trip to Playa Del Carmen is definitely your best bet!

3. Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge, Colorado is one of the cheapest places to travel in February 2024 and is a great destination for any winter activity junkie out there. With a wide variety of activities and attractions that fit any budget, Breckenridge has become a tourist destination for those looking for an affordable getaway. From the charming downtown area to the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge has something for everyone to enjoy. Its close proximity to world-class ski resorts and trails. This means there’s no shortage of winter activities perfect for families or adventurous travelers that don’t break the bank. 


During your stay, take some time to explore the vibrant downtown district with its many shops, eateries and entertainment options that rivals even more expensive cities. Whether it’s shopping, dining or outdoor recreation you’re after, Breckenridge is the place to be in February 2023 if you’re looking to get away without spending a fortune.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

February 2024 is the perfect time to explore Lisbon, Portugal. The European City’s mild temperatures and sunny weather conditions allow visitors to enjoy sightseeing with picturesque views right along the Tagus River and throughout the winding, cobblestone streets. Plus, Lisbon is one of the cheapest European countries to travel in, with hotel prices that are cheaper when compared to other countries in Europe, as well as cheap AirBnB options available. 


There are also many affordable restaurants, galleries, shops in the city center – basically any type of entertainment you’d be interested in experiencing. You won’t have a hard time pack your days of things to do! Not to mention that Portugal was recently ranked among the safest countries for tourists. It’s no wonder why it’s quickly becoming a popular destination in Europe.

5. Tucson, Arizona

With its mild temperatures, sunny skies, and countless attractions, Tucson, Arizona is one of the top cheap destinations to travel in February 2024. Home to a diverse landscape of mountains, rivers, and deserts that provide outdoor lovers with plenty of opportunities to explore Arizona’s natural beauty. Plus, there is an abundance of activities available for the budget-conscious traveler. You can also find some great hotel options for a great price, which can be found for under $150 a night.


In addition to its inexpensive accommodations, restaurants in Tucson offer cuisines from around the world at wallet-friendly prices. Also, with plenty of shopping options and picturesque sites like Mount Lemmon and Saguaro National Park waiting to be discovered – there is no better way for travelers looking for value on their trip than a visit to Tucson in February 2023!

6. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is set to be one of the cheapest places to travel in February 2024, with incredibly affordable resort and hotel options. This beautiful Caribbean destination is also home to some of the top cheap all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. With its stunning Caribbean beaches, renowned nightlife, and thrilling eco-adventures, it’s a great opportunity for travelers looking for an affordable vacation experience in one of the cheapest countries. 


The reason why it is such a popular destination is in part due to its gorgeous beaches contrasted with lush tropical plants, showcasing the beauty of the Dominican Republic with something that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re looking to soak up some sun on the beach or explore colorful nearby villages – all while keeping your wallet intact – plan a trip to Punta Cana if you are looking for the cheapest island to visit in February.


There is something for everyone that is looking for a fun-filled affordable vacation this upcoming February. February can be a great month to travel for budget-conscience travelers, as long as you can avoid traveling during the school break at the end of the month. Our list of affordable destinations has something for everyone, whether you want to enjoy some time in the sun or take part in all of your favorite winter activities. Get out there and enjoy these best cheap vacations in February. Looking for more top cheap destinations for 2024? Check out the top 10 cheapest destinations to travel in the world in 2024.

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