The 5 Best Cheap Places to Travel in Texas

If you’re looking for a cheap vacation that offers plenty of adventure, look no further than the great state of Texas! From rugged mountains to stunning beaches to vibrant cities, the Lone Star State has something for everyone. From Houston to El Paso and everywhere in between, this southern gem is packed with affordable travel options sure to give your wallet some relief while delivering on fun and excitement. In this post, we’ll be exploring the five best budget-friendly destinations in Texas so get ready for some serious savings!

1. San Antonio

San Antonio Riverwalk

If you’re looking for cheap places to travel in Texas, San Antonio is a great option! This lively and vibrant city has some of the best Mexican cuisine in the state, giving you a flavorful and unique experience. San Antonio is also known for its beautiful historic sites including the Alamo, Riverwalk and Missions, full of rich history. Also, you can find a cheap stay  at one of the city’s many affordable hotels or trendy Airbnb spots located downtown.


In addition to sightseeing tours, you can find fantastic cheap restaurants throughout the city, making it a great place to explore without breaking the bank. With events and activities ongoing throughout the year like festivals, rodeos and more, you won’t have trouble finding cheap ways to stay entertained!

2. Galveston

Ruhl House Galveston

Galveston is one of the best cheap places to travel in Texas for the perfect beach escape. Situated perfectly on the Gulf Coast, it’s a perfect mix of resort-style amenities, breathtaking beaches and amazing restaurants, making it a top destination in Texas. Whether you’re looking for an affordable hotel right on the beach or a budget-friendly way to see Galveston’s top attractions, this Texas destination is sure to have something that works for you.


From shopping and touring historic sites, to going out on a boat or fishing from the Pier, there are plenty of activities that won’t break the bank. Plus, it’s easy on the eyes with thousands of palm trees swaying in the salty air! Whether you want to stay for a day or make it your vacation spot, Galveston has something for everyone at a price anyone can afford.

3. Fort Worth

Fort Worth Stockyards

If you’re looking for cheap places to travel in Texas, Fort Worth is one of the best. With its many attractions and activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! From iconic landmarks like the Fort Worth Stockyards to historical museums like the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, you can explore a wide range of experiences at a fraction of the cost.


Outdoor activities are a specialty in this city, with plenty of parks and trails to explore. The amazing food scene featuring traditional Tex-Mex grub is also an added bonus to the amazing city! All in all, traveling to this budget-friendly city is sure to be an unforgettable experience filled with lots of memorable adventures that won’t break the bank!

4. South Padre Island


South Padre Island is one of the best cheap places to travel in Texas with plenty of activities, natural sights and great food. During the day, you can soak up the sun on an expansive beach before taking a sunset stroll down the boardwalk, or exploring Laguna Madre Nature Trail. This trail is perfect for bird watchers and nature lovers alike. There’s also deep-sea fishing, parasailing, kiteboarding and plenty of other water sports that can be enjoyed at affordable prices. 


If you’re looking for nightlife fun, music venues like Penguin Club will keep you dancing all night long or take part in a daily dolphin watch or scuba dive through tropical waters to view coral reefs and sea life. With its budget friendly prices, easy beach access and tropical atmosphere, there’s no wonder why it is a top spring break destination. South Padre Island is definitely one of the best cheap places to travel in Texas worth considering!

5. Austin

Lady Bird Lake, Austin

Austin is an exciting city with a number of cheap attractions and activities that make it one of the best cheap places to travel in Texas. It’s significantly cheaper than other major cities like Dallas or Houston, making it a great option for budget-conscious travelers. With cheap yet unique experiences like live music and barbeque restaurants, Austin offers plenty of entertainment without breaking the bank. 


Additionally, Austin is known for its friendly locals who will help you have the most fun for the least amount of money when exploring the city. Also, you can find some great affordable hotels in the city or trendy AirBnBs in this vibrant city. If you’re looking to explore Texas and stick to your budget, Austin is definitely worth checking out!

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Texas has a lot to offer travelers looking for an affordable getaway. With many budget friendly beach destinations, and cities that won’t break the bank, Texas is as good as it gets. Whether you are looking to party it up in South Padre Island or explore historic San Antonio, you can’t go wrong with any of the above destinations in Texas. Looking for affordable places to travel in other states? Check out The 6 Best Cheap Places to Travel in Florida.


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