7 Cheap Places to Travel in Asia

Forty-eight countries make up Asia, making it the largest continent in the world. While some Asian nations, such as Thailand and Indonesia, are known for being expensive travel destinations, there are many cheap places to travel in Asia that offer unforgettable experiences for budget travelers.



If you’re a first-time visitor to Asia, there are many things to discover. If you are looking for landmarks to explore here, you will never run out of options.



Below are some cheap places to travel in Asia if you’re planning your next budget-friendly vacation:

1. Indonesia

Image by Nos Nguyen from Pixabay

 If you are a tourist traveling to Indonesia, you will find an abundance of beautiful islands. Over 17,000 islands offer a variety of languages, cultures, religions, and foods. Indonesia has lots to offer its visitors, whether they are interested in history or nature.


Indonesia’s Komodo National Park is a top-rated tourist attraction. You can find fascinating creatures like giant lizards and Komodos. The park is a beautiful place to visit, with impressive hills and majestic landscapes. Lake Toba in Indonesia is regarded as one of the most serene and largest lakes in the country and is an absolute must-visit for all travelers. Besides its top-notch surfing spots, Bali has impressive nightlife, waterfalls, and rainforests (especially near Ubud).

2. India

Image by Dave Parkinson from Pixabay

The number of Asian countries with a degree of diversity is relatively low. India, a Cheap Place to Travel in Asia, is the most popular tourist destination on the continent, attracting tourists from all over the world. Goa is a state in India known for its incredible beaches, churches, and markets. Goa also offers many other affordable things to do if you decide to visit the India state.


If you do make a trip to India, the Taj Mahal is a must-see and is among the world’s most famous landmarks. This famous landmark in India is a great place to see many historical monuments and spend a day learning about the culture. A day trip to the landmark can be arranged within a day if you are close to Delhi. In addition to Delhi, Mumbai is another great city to visit in India.

3. Thailand

Image by S Scholz from Pixabay

There are many tourist destinations in Asia, but Thailand is one of the most popular and is regarded as one of the top Cheap Places to Travel in Asia. Millions of visitors come to the country every year, especially budget travelers. Thailand’s islands can be visited by boat or plane, but you should allow plenty of time to travel between them. If you don’t have much time, we recommend spending at least a seven to ten days in the area.


Aside from its beautiful islands, jungles, beaches, and cultural sites, Thailand has beautiful islands, beaches, and jungles. As one of the best backpacker destinations in Asia, it’s easy to travel, especially for first-timers. Thailand offers many unique destinations, including Bangkok for a few days, Chiang Mai for a few days, and Phuket for a few days.


There are several famous sites in Thailand that you can visit outside of cities. Visit the Grand Palace or Wat Phra Si in Bangkok to see the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

4. The Philippines

Image by Guy Goddard from Pixabay

If you are looking for a cheap beach vacation in Asia, then you need to check out the Philippines. Beach lovers will find the Philippines a paradise, thanks to its beautiful beaches, warm climate, delicious cuisine, and friendly locals who are always ready to chat or play music. As a tourist, you have a lot of great places you need to see and things to do in the country that are beyond your imagination. One of the best things about the Philippines is its vibrant capital city, Manila, which has a lot of hidden gems.


An average day in the Philippines will cost you approximately $25 making it one of the cheapest places to visit in the World. A few attractions in the Philippines worth visiting are Chocolate Hills, Malapascua Island, Boracay Island, and Siquijor Island. The cuisine in this area includes Adobo (meat or vegetables cooked in soy sauce), Pancit Palabok (noodles), Inihaw na Manok (grilled chicken), and many more that could satisfy your appetite. If you are looking for an extremely cheap food option, you can find street food for less than $5.

5. Sri Lanka

Image by Ольга Фоломеева from Pixabay

Travelers on a budget are increasingly flocking to Sri Lanka, which might not be the first place they think of when they think of traveling. Sri Lanka is still developing as a tourist destination, while neighboring countries are already more developed and expensive. This is a great alternative in South Asia for those on a budget wishing to explore the region!


Sri Lanka has many exciting attractions, including Yala National Park Safari, Sri Pada, Sri Dalada Maligawa, and others. On $20 a day, you can comfortably afford a place to stay as well as food. Food will cost less than $5 for a tasty meal, while accommodations start at $7 a night. Eating delicious Sri Lankan street food is plentiful and also very delicious.

6. Nepal

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Nepal has more affordable alternatives than many other countries, but it’s not as cheap as it once was. Yet, less than $30 a day is still enough to get by. Mountains have always been a feature of Nepal, especially near the Pokhara region, which has incredible mountain views!


It is also one of the few untouched areas in Asia (and perhaps even the world) where travelers can enjoy fresh air and tranquility. Nepal has several must-see places, including Boudha Stupa, Chitwan National Park, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Although hiking is popular in the country, you may want to avoid organized guided tours to save money. There is a $3 charge for food and a $1.50 cost for transportation.

7. Myanmar (Burma)

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

You better get going! The country gradually opened up to tourists after the dictatorship ended in 2011. Although the prices are still affordable, they’re rising yearly, and rumors suggest the government plans to turn it into a luxury destination. But still, it is known as one of the cheapest places to visit in Asia. There are so many wonders in this country that it is not surprising that people are beginning to flock to this country. Visiting Myanmar is possible if you pass through Bagan, a UNESCO world heritage site.


Even with rising food costs, you can still find low-cost food. Compared to other Asian countries, the train is affordable, while the buses are a bit more expensive, but the comfort they provide compensates for it. There is sometimes difficulty finding lodging in Mynamar, but you can find some private rooms that cost roughly $20 to $25. The main cost you will incur will be for accommodations in Mynamar.


Although Asia is the world’s largest continent and has some of the most expensive countries, it remains a popular destination for backpackers. Throughout the guide, we’ve showcased some of the best cheap places to visit in Asia, from Thailand to Mynamar and Nepal to more off-the-beaten-path destinations. Compared to European or American prices, these Asian countries are extremely affordable. If you prefer to avoid the long flights and stay in the United States, here is a list of cheap beach vacation ideas.

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