The 6 Best Cheap Places to Travel in the Caribbean in 2023

Are you looking for amazing travel destinations in the Caribbean that are budget-friendly? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll take you through the 6 best cheap places to travel in the Caribbean in 2023. You’ll find exciting tourist attractions, delicious food and a range of activities suited for adventurers and laid back travelers alike. Read on if you’re ready to start planning your next adventure.

1. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the best cheap place to travel in the Caribbean in 2023. With endless hidden gems and cheap but luxurious accommodations, such as 5-star all-inclusive resorts. From crystal-clear beaches and vibrant coral gardens to captivating colonial towns and world-famous golf courses, the Dominican Republic offers everything a traveler would want on a vacation.


All the attractions can be enjoyed without breaking the bank, thanks to affordable flights from US cities and excellent deals on hotels, dining, and other activities. Even all-inclusive resorts are affordable here compared to the other Caribbean countries. With such great prices and so many amazing sights available, it’s no surprise that many people are booking a experience that will last a lifetime in 2023.

2. Jamaica

Jamaica is quickly gaining traction as the premier cheap place to travel in the Caribbean in 2023. What makes it stand out when compared to other cheap places is the abundance of activities and sights that are on offer. This ranges from lounging on white sand beaches to rainforest hikes and culture-rich city exploration.


Jamaica also has great shopping spots, excellent cuisine and nightlife for those looking for both cheap fun or a more luxurious experience. Similar to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica has many affordable but luxurious all-inclusive resorts you can stay at. Whether you are looking for an escape from your everyday life or just an adventure, Jamaica’s cheap prices promise to provide a well rounded holiday without breaking your budget.

3. St. Thomas, U.S Virgin Islands

St. Thomas is sure to make your 2023 cheap Caribbean travel dreams come true. With its crystal blue waters, gorgeous beaches, and pirate history, the U.S. Virgin Islands‘ capital is an adventure of a lifetime! St. Thomas offers unbeatable prices that make it easy to plan an affordable getaway. From cheap beachfront hotels to cheap tours and attractions, you won’t be taking out a loan anytime soon!


This tropical paradise isn’t only cheap but vibrant and exciting too. Walk down to Downtown Charlotte Amalie’s colorful retail stores, check out Blackbeard’s Castle, or find yourself exploring hidden cays and coves. Whether you want to relax with a drink at one of the beach bars or get active by snorkeling off the coast of the island, St. Thomas offers something for everyone—all without breaking the bank!

4. Puerto Rico

If you want cheap places to travel in the Caribbean in 2023, Puerto Rico should be on the list! With a vibrant culture, friendly locals, and plenty of activities, Puerto Rico is great for all travelers. You can enjoy activities such as beach combing, ziplining through the rainforest, and sampling delicious food from local markets. It’s no wonder that Puerto Rico is often referred to as the “Island of Enchantment”. 


On top of that, cheap off-season accommodations make it possible for anyone to experience this stunning Caribbean paradise with very little money. Also, you can find some great cheap flight deals from many major US cities, and you don’t need a passport to get there! Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway or an extended vacation with excitement throughout, you should absolutely consider Puerto Rico.

5. Aruba

Aruba is one of the hottest cheap places to travel in the Caribbean in 2023. The stunning white sand beaches and swaying palm trees of Palm Beach make it the perfect getaway for those looking for an affordable but luxurious vacation. With activities like sailing, horseback riding, and billfish fishing, you will never get bored while visiting the beautiful island of Aruba!


Aruban restaurants are serious about their seafood dishes, reminding us that we’re right by the crystal-blue waters. You can also take a trip to Arikok National Park for hiking trails, wild donkeys, and cactus gardens -all without breaking the bank! Aruba truly is a great destination for a family getaway in the Caribbean. Deciding between Aruba and The Bahamas? Check out Aruba vs. Bahamas: Which is Cheaper to Travel to?

6. St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a must-visit spot in the Caribbean if you’re looking for cheap travel options in 2023. From luxurious resorts, to grand mountains and vibrant culture, St. Lucia has something for everyone. You could spend days exploring the diverse terrain, visit to learn about the island’s past, or just enjoy its beautiful sights and sounds. 


For beachcombers, there’s no better destination than St. Lucia, with miles of golden sand and sparkling turquoise blue water. Plus it’s a great place to find cheap deal on various types of accommodation; from all-inclusive resorts to budget villas and quaint inns. With all these attractions, it’s no wonder why St. Lucia is one of the best cheap places to travel in the Caribbean in 2023.

7. Anguilla

Anguilla is a hidden gem that should not be overlooked when planning cheap travel to the Caribbean in 2023. It has pristine white sand beaches and crystal blue waters, providing a paradise-like atmosphere for every kind of traveler. Some of its top attractions include swimming with sea turtles, snorkeling through shipwrecks, and hiking to the highest peak among the British Isles.


Anguilla offers cheap accommodations and no sales tax or income tax, remaining one of the most affordable places to visit in the Caribbean. Whether it’s swimming, sunbathing, kayaking or parasailing— there is something for everyone in Anguilla!

8. The Grand Caymans

The Grand Caymans is a great cheap place to travel in the Caribbean in 2023. Not only are you getting the exotic island experience at an amazing price, but the Grand Caymans also has something for everyone, whether you’re into relaxing beaches and cocktails or exploring some of its unique geological locations. You’ll find crystal-clear waters and stunning white sand that remind you why this is such a popular destination for cheap tropical vacations. 


The Caymans is also full of cultural activities like markets, music, and festivals that make it worth checking out. The best part is that since it’s fairly cheap to travel here on a budget, you won’t be maxing out your credit card like more expensive vacation destinations. All in all, the Grand Caymans makes for an unforgettable vacation for anyone!

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The Caribbean is a popular destination for travelers looking for a relaxing vacation due to the amazing white sand beaches, blue water, and nice breeze. If you are looking to have an amazing relaxing vacation, then look no further than the above cheap places to travel in the Caribbean in 2023. 



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